Procurement diagnostics

A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step


What is the complex diagnostics of Procurement for?

Diagnostics is a basic of the Procurement development strategy. We provide a fresh, independent and comprehensive approach to assessing the current level of development of your company's Procurement, determine the economic potential and priority actions.

savings potential

Diagnostic results are based on:

  • analysis of procurement and stock data;
  • interviews with process participants and beneficiaries;
  • field study.

The research result is:

  • Assessment of the procurement savings potential in the context of cost categories and leverage
  • Assessment of the potential impact to the working capital
  • Inventory management potential assessment
  • Estimating recurring costs by category
  • Assessment of the maturity level of the procurement process of the group and specific Business Units
  • Top level of the procurement nomenclature
  • Quality assessment of the spend master-data and recommendations for improvement
  • 3-5 year strategic procurement development plan