Procurement outsourcing

When you're buying any product or service, do not hesitate to bargain, seeking for yourself best conditions.
I consider pride, which makes it difficult to save my own money, a great stupid.

Donald Trump

A procurement tender is a set of activities from analyzing the current needs and expenses to signing a contract and estimating savings expected.

The main tender purpose is to select and integrate reliable suppliers who will be able to deliver materials and services of quality on time on the best commercial terms and conditions.

You may not have resources enough at various stages of the tender. We are ready to support your procurement projects, both as a whole and at separated stages.

We offer:

Analysis of a procurement category by need – supplier – volume – price
spend analysis

    When we talk about analysis of big data of poor quality, the buyers do not have time enough neither analytical skills, because it's not their core activity. That's why a comprehensive analysis is often ignored. We will help you to:

  • analyze expenses data of any quality and volume within a procurement category to build a "base line"
Preparation of technical specifications

    How to transform the business need into technical specification without quality damage and get up to 75% optimization even before sending an RFP to suppliers or without it at all? We will help you to:

  • find or create a prescriber, distinguish a business need from "wishlist" and answer all questions to make a good specification
Sourcing and qualification of potential suppliers:
  • identification of selection criteria
  • analysis of supplier market and evaluation of your buying position
  • calculation of suppliers ranking score
  • help on preparing tender file
Negotiation support

    How to negotiate and what about? What techniques to use to achieve the best terms and conditions? how to determine a zone of possible agreement and what to do if an agreement cannot be reached? How to recognize manipulation and build effective protection? We will help you to:

  • find all the answers
  • prepare a negotiation strategy based on your buying position evaluated: goals, arguments, leverages
  • negotiate!
Analysis of suppliers’ proposals, including synthesis of tender big data
Risk management plan associated
Analysis of procurement savings, target and contract ones

We will support you in your procurement project to achieve the maximum, and ask for rewards for results only as a share of contract savings!