Supply outsourcing (P2P)

The more time you spend on important things, the more meaningful results you will get from each invested hour.

Brian Tracy

All purchases in the organization are divided into Direct (Commodity or Production) and Indirect. The dedicated procurement function primarily covers the perimeter of Direct spend, and not all organizations have a dedicated Indirect procurement function.

procurement categories

    A procurement department is considered developed if it manages a perimeter of 70-80% of total spend - these are main purchases with strategic suppliers. Cases where 100% of spend actually passes through the procurement department is extremely rare. More often, small or specific purchases from a large number of suppliers are delegated to employees from other departments (production, IT, accounting, ...). Such purchases are also called “purchase tails”, but they can form 20-30% of total spend.

With this scheme of work with these purchases:

  • the price is at least 10-15% higher, since the task of saving is not a priority and the employees are not qualified as buyers (see article);
  • resources are diverted to non-core tasks;
  • a large volume of purchases is made on a prepaid basis or in cash;
  • there is an uncontrolled increase in the number of suppliers, and they are often duplicated;
  • the volume of administration of suppliers, contracts and closing documents increases;
  • abuses are inevitable.
The solution is procurement outsourcing.

V&G Procurement - procurement specialist:

  • we work with a base of 6,500 verified suppliers;
  • the geography of suppliers covers the whole of Russia, neighboring countries and Europe;
  • experience in all categories of indirect procurement from stationery to construction and IT;
  • our purchasing data contains information on hundreds of thousands of items of materials and services, which allows us to track the market;
  • being a procurement consolidator, we get the best conditions for you.
Supply outsourcing

You get:

  • one supplier and one contract instead of many;
  • one set of closing documents and payment once a month;
  • cost reduction without loss of quality;
  • payment delay;
  • full compliance with your corporate rules;
  • transparent pricing - we work according to the "Open Book" principle;
  • improvement of the indicator of deliveries "On Time and in Full" (OTIF).
We will take over the management of your purchases