Procurement Savings

Millions saw the apple fall,
but Newton was the one who asked why

Bernard Baruch (financier)

Only through analytics in procurement it is possible to reduce costs by 3% to 15%. Often companies see their costs only at the level of financial statements, but do not have answers to the questions: "What, in what volumes, from which suppliers and at what prices are they purchased?", "To what extent do the current purchases meet the objective business needs?" the terms of purchases correspond to market trends? ", " What are the Procurement Savings?" Procurement analytics allows you to find answers to these questions and reveal sources of added value.

Аналитика в Закупках

We offer:

  • Cost Analysis and Visualization from Excel to AI systems
  • Methodology of Procurement savings
  • Outsourcing Procurement Savings Calculation
  • WRC (Working capital requirement) management
  • Cost management regardless of the degree of procurement automatisation