Procurement Tools

Currently, data more important than experience to drive at the decision.
Experience expires too quickly.

Andrew Sutherland

Digital transformation of Procurement

    Today it is no longer possible to consider the organization of Procurement processes without using a wide range of IT tools. The first tools appeared 25 years ago, and during this time there has been an explosive evolution. From this variety, there are groups of Transactional and Analytical tools.

Procurement tools

    The modern dominant concept in IT solutions is the transition from Platform solutions (for example, a set of modules based on SAP, Oracle or 1C) to the Ecosystem. A single platform can no longer solve specific problems or is not a leader in them.

    Today, Transactional Tools can automate up to 40% of the procurement cycle, and Analytical Tools can identify sources of savings that can range from 3% to 15% of costs.

procurement tools

    V&G Procurement is an independent expert, we do not represent the interests of specific developers. Our recommendations are based solely on the tasks of the Clients.

    We have extensive experience in implementing procurement tools and closely monitor market trends. V&G Procurement helps Clients navigate the choice of digital tools. Using our experience, you will receive the optimal technological solution that provides a competitive advantage.

We offer:

  • Assessment and selection of procurement digital solution
  • Description of business requirements for implementation
  • Minimization of custom solutions and optimal parameterization
  • Acting as a Project Manager in procurement digitalization
  • Support for the implementation of analytics tools based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Pre-analytics for poor digital quality data
  • User training
  • Business procedures based on system manual