Category management outsourcing

I believe in the division of labor, doctor. The Bolshoi's job is to sing, mine's to do surgery.
That's how things should be. Then there'd be none of this "ruin"

Mikhail Bulgakov, “The Heart of a Dog"

Category management is the implementation of a procurement strategy for a certain group of costs, taking into account its specifics and assuming active cross-functional interaction of experts in the professions: Internal Clients, Procurement, Finance, Controllers, etc.

Category management outsourcing, as the most complete form of procurement outsourcing, is the management of a purchase group (category) of full cycle (from needs analyzing to pay) and, in addition to all Strategic outsourcing processes, includes actual Cost management, where Demand and Consumption are controlled.

Category management outsourcing

The client receives:

  • Achievement of KPIs for a purchase category
  • Realized Savings
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Access to expertise
  • Access to new technologies and services
  • Reducing bureaucracy and freeing up internal resources
  • Improving compliance with the requirements of the beneficiaries
  • Reducing risks from suppliers
  • Standardization of specifications and workflows
  • Working Catalogs for Purchasing

The remuneration depends on the fulfillment of your assigned tasks and consists of a fixed part and a % of the realized savings.