Being an ethical business and being a successful one are not opposites.
They are two side of the same coin.

Richard Branson

Law and reputation, honesty and independence of position - the development of a culture of interaction between participants in the procurement process helps to avoid losses, including those that go over field of financial expense.

About what:

  • How to create and maintain a positive reputation for a procurement team in a company
  • What to do with gifts and invitations
  • How to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Law and reputation, integrity and anti-corruption, transparency and independence of position - this and more

For you:

  • Directors and procurement responsible (and their teams)
  • All employees of companies who interact with external suppliers
  • Internal audit (Compliance)
  • HR managers
  • Heads of PR and internal communications
  • Security services

It's also interesting for:

  • CEOs and other company executives

As a result:

  • Answers to ethical questions in business and consideration of different situations
  • Code of ethics
  • Anti-corruption policy

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