Procurement organization

The right process will produce the right results

Toyota's principle

Regardless of the size of your company and the presence or absence of a dedicated procurement function, this process itself exists. The procurement process has a big impact at the costs of the company and, ultimately, at net profit. We'll help organize the procurement process from scratch, we'll offer options for reorganizing the entire process from the occurrence of the needs to payment, or separated stages.

What should be the procurement function?

Today, the procurement function in most Russian companies does not fully realize its potential and, at best, performs the supply function (Procurement 1.0). Company executives and HR are often unable to articulate the profile requirements for an effective procurement function and their vision is often based on outdated experience. There are few ready-made specialists of the european level on the market today.

Our experience shows that mature Procurement (Procurement 2.0-4.0) are able to bring from 10-15% reduction in the total spend of the enterprise.

procurement organization

To diagnose the current level of Procurement development and build a top-level strategy, we offer a Procurement Barometer.

Change management

For the development of Procurement to be successful, an integrated approach is required. The strategic transformation plan should address four axes:

направления трансформации

For such a process of procurement transformation to be successful, you need a professional guide. V&G Procurement is a team of professional practitioners. We created the functions of Procurement from scratch and carried out transformations both on the local (Russian market) and within the framework of global enterprises. Our uniqueness is the author's symbiosis of the profession of procurement and enterprise performance management. Our global technology partners represent Procurement Solutions at the peak of innovation.

We offer:

  • Assessing the maturity level of your company's procurement process
  • Mission Statement and Procurement Strategy
  • Description of tiered procurement nomenclature
  • Tender process description
  • Process description of selecting suppliers out of tender
  • Contracts validation process description
  • Cost process description
  • Risk management
  • Procurement team profile
  • Recruiting services for buyers and managers

In some cases, we undertake the organization of the procurement function in accordance with the world's best practices as turn-key. It:

  • Full-time integration for 3-6 months into your team and immersion in your tasks
  • Mission Statement and Procurement Strategy
  • Formation / transformation of procurement processes
  • Digital transformation roadmap
  • Team development
  • Recruiting (external or internal) and integration of a new leader