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Evolution from Purchasing to Strategic Procurement

Solutions for all companies

  • With a developed procurement function
  • With no procurement function

Procurement efficiency

Cost-effectiveness of procurement up to 5,000%

Training modules

Procurement skills development for participants and management teams.

Key trainings

Procurement lifecycle

Procurement lifecycle

This is an authoring step-by-step program that allows you quickly learn the basics of the profession, ensure the economic result of your company and get new career opportunities. Do not miss your chance to reach a new professional level!

Procurement negotiations

Procurement negotiations

Whatever the context, a negotiations happening everywhere and anytime. If you want to succeed in your profession, this practical module is for you. We teach negotiation techniques. Use the opportunity to train your skills!

Procurement analytics

Procurement analytics

Maintaining a competitive position and even the survival of a business is now increasingly dependent on the organization’s ability to use all areas of improvement. Procurement analytics offers tremendous opportunities to improve company performance. This is a transition to a data-driven organization.


Procurement should not be just a service function, it should provide a competitive advantage for the company.

Main expertises

Cost management

Procurement Barometer (Free)

This diagnostics is ground on international practices and our successful experience in their implementation in Russia. Based at the interview. You get an estimate in one day.

Procurement diagnostics

Procurement diagnostics

Estimation of potential savings by cost categories and leverage to determine the development strategy for procurement directions.

Procurement Savings

Procurement Savings

We offer innovative approaches to cost analytics and procurement savings. Outsourcing of calculating procurement savings.

About us

Our focus: direct and indirect procurement of commercial companies


We are changing the look at procurement and cost management of the business to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainable competitive advantage on the market

Our advantages

  • Practical worldwide experience in the procurement for over 15 years
  • Author's concept: a symbiosis of the procurement function and performance management
  • Easy-to-understand and practical sets of specific solutions
  • Our training is a tool for gaining added value
  • Each program adapts to the needs of your business
  • Innovative solutions - we offer the most advanced procurement solutions and tools