Procurement lifecycle

Procurement lifecycle

  • 2 days training
  • The cost of 39 000 rubles per student

It is not necessary to change.
Survival is not mandatory.

W. Edwards Deming

Procurement lifecycle

This is an authoring step-by-step program that allows you quickly learn the basics of the profession, ensure the economic result of your company and get new career opportunities. Do not miss your chance to reach a new professional level!

About what:

  • How to build an innovative procurement business model and formulate a mission
  • How to manage cultural transformation by overcoming resistance: from recognizing the need for change to accepting new ideas
  • The “heart of the metier” of procurement: key processes and activities
  • New challenges: the team of the future and KPI
  • Strategic development guidelines

For you:

  • Administrative directors and their teams
  • Teams for which procurement is not a profession (marketing, IT, logistics, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Heads of companies with no organized procurement
  • "Young" procurement teams

It's also interesting for:

  • "Mature" procurement teams
  • To all those who want to understand the mechanism and manage procurement
  • Internal audit teams

As a result:

  • A lot of exercises, case studies, real business situations
  • A ready-for-use procurement model created with your participation and its diagnosis
  • Steps of company procurement management based on 1-2-3 principle
  • Procurement function development strategy and your further action plan

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Double Guarantees

First, You Must Be Thrilled Guarantee


Attend the course and if you’re not happy just tell us.

You’ll get your money back – no questions asked!

What if I like the course, but when I go back I find out that I cannot use any of the information learned as it is not practical?

Second, 365 Days Guarantee


We’ll walk with you for 365 days after you attend the program. Use whatever you learn and if you find that what you learned does not work, tell us that it did not work – Again, you’ll get your money back!

We will be happy to come to your city for corporate training.